Alliance members,

Great turnout yesterday and we were blessed with the weather.

Some really good consistent scoring which tells me all was good.

I believe the course was is great condition, however I do apologise that there were NO buggies available.

I was not informed of this till I arrived.

Thanks to those of you who were not put off by this and still went out and played. (Hope you are not suffering this morning)

Can I also thank those who turned up although they did not have a partner and marked the card. When members do this it makes my job so much easier.

I will always do my best to pair you up but sometimes it is out of my hands.

Could I also ask that it is not always possible to get you out before your start time and arriving a couple of hours early will not guarantee this. So please be mindful of this.

Let me know if you wish to play at Sharpley on the 27th.

Finally just a reminder that exceptional scores will be forwarded to the members Club, however it is also your responsibility to record your score at your home club. (This goes for both good and bad)

I can confirm that alliance members have had a lift as well as been cut from their Club following  the annual handicap review taking into account Alliance events.!!!


1st Place I.McConnell & T.Bainbridge 48pts

2nd Place G.Thompson & B.Blamire 44pts F/9

3rd Place L.Crosby & B.Klein 44pts F/9

Pro /Am winners G.Cowan & N.Clark 42pts

2s winners, T.Myers,S.Markham,R.Binns, K.Hartburn,C.Powell,J.Shillito

Thanks Jeff